our vision

Revive City Church exists to bring people into a real relationship with God.

mission statement

Revive City Church exists to provide a place of restoration where people from every walk of life can experience the Grace of Jesus.

our values

1. Centralized Mission

Everything we do revolves around Jesus; He is the center

2. Real god real people

To be authentic and relatable in connecting with people.

3. live to love

To operate in the Grace and Love of God for all.

4. Work the word

To work the Word of God first in every situation.

5. Capacity over Limitaiton

The ability to increase when space is limited.

6. Advance the co-mission

To serve God with respect to one another.

7. commitment, not complacency

We embrace change in every area.

8. compassion, not animosity

We respect the image of God in everyone.

9. growth, not show

Church should be fun, but growth in Jesus is the necessity.

10. fulfillment of the process

Learning through development is the real reward.





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