Revive City Church Update 7.18.20


​As of Monday July 13th, we restricted and will not have indoor services. We have now moved our service outdoors to accommodate the new restrictions that have been conveyed. We thank you for your patience as we continue to operate within the framework of the current situation.


How this looks.


Revive City will begin seating groups at 8:55 AM


Shaded areas - We will have provided shade coverings via tents and natural resources on our property.


Seating – Registration is not required and will be first come first serve with properly distanced chairs in place to ensure the safety of others.


Your Seat – each group will be escorted to your seat by a team member and will be encouraged to remain at your seat for the entirety of the service.


At this time, RC Kids is not available, but we are currently working on a plan to accommodate your children at future services safely. Children will be required to stay with the group that they entered the facility to ensure safe distances for our guests.


What we are doing.


  • All services will be a touchless experience, and all high-volume areas will be thoroughly sanitized before and after services.

  • Chairs, surfaces, floors, and restrooms will be sanitized and disinfected with hospital-grade materials before and after services.

  • Additional hand-sanitizing stations will be placed throughout the building.

  • All services will be a touchless experience, and doors will be propped open or opened for you in high volume areas of the facility.

  • No food or drinks will be served in the facility at this time.

  • No offering buckets will be passed. Instead, there will be an area in the back of the auditorium for guests who want to give. Online giving is always encouraged

  • All seatback materials, papers, and pens will be removed.

Chairs in the worship center have been strategically placed to ensure safe distances during the worship experience.

  • At this time, sections of the facility have been closed off and will not be open for use.


How You Can Help:


  • • Masks are required where distancing may be restricted, hallways, doorways, and walking around the facility would be examples of compromised distancing. We have carefully designed our chairs to allow for this safe distancing. If you feel uncomfortable in any way, please watch us online at

  • Sanitizer stations are placed in strategic areas throughout the facility, and allergy-friendly stations are also provided. You are encouraged to use these when hand washing is not readily available.

  • At this time, our restrooms will be restricted to one person at a time except those with children so that our restrooms can be sanitized after each use to continue our process of reopening.

  • Upon dismissal, you will be escorted by a team member. Please continue to practice social distancing wherever possible.

  • If you do not feel well or have symptoms of an illness, please stay home and watch our service online at


If you have any questions, please contact us at


God bless you and your family.





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